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Recent changes to PLAB 2 and how they affect the pass rate
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Changes to PLAB 2
"Scripts " no longer effective
Cloning of OSCE
How to solve clonned OSCE
Randomisation of OSCE
How does it affect "scripts"
Rest Stations
Allocated after the test
With Dr Surya, Consultant
Online Mock Test
90 Mins
3 X History 3x Counselling
Set challenge level
Constructive feedback
Strengths and weakness
Strategies for success
Personalised action plan
Why did you fail in PLAB 2 test? An analysis of your result
Dr Surya
15 Years of PLAB experience
Identify the reasons
for low score in each OSCE
Theme and pattern
Solution focused
Questions and answers
Clarify any doubts
Condensed two day online PLAB 2 course
29 and 30 January 2022, 10am - 6pm
25 Strategies
To solve all OSCE stations
History taking
Perfect your skills
Consultation skills
Interpersonal Skills
Rapport and empathy
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The Academy with the difference

PLAB RIGHT - "The academy with the difference"

About Us

PLAB Right offers a unique training opportunity for doctors appearing in the PLAB 2 exam. PLAB Right academy was established in 2005 and has 15 years of experience in training doctors for the PLAB exam. Unlike other academies PLAB Right does not let doctors who have just passed the PLAB exam to teach or to assess you in mock tests.


Our teaching focuses on upskilling overseas doctors to fully prepare them for the PLAB exam and not ask them to rote learn scripts of OSCE. We believe in empowering doctors to boost their confidence and skills. We focus on teaching 25 strategies to deal with any clinical situation that may appear in the PLAB exam. This approach makes a doctor competent and also prepares them for new PLAB scenarios.

Recent Changes to PLAB 2 - 2019

Details of changes made to PLAB 2 since 2019

Professor Adrian Freeman conducted an external review of PLAB exams and made recommendations in 2019. Click here for the review document


Cloning of OSCE stations brings unpredictable variations in OSCE scenarios which diminishes the candidate’s ability to use rote learned scripts. Cloning of OSCE stations involves creating different patient scenarios for the same question.

Allocation of rest stations

Rest stations are stations that are conducted as normal OSCE stations but not counted towards the result. After the exam, GMC determines which stations should be classed as rest stations and this depends on the performance of the group. OSCE stations that have not been able to differentiate performance of candidates are likely to be classed as rest stations. This includes stations in which all candidates have managed to do well or have done very badly.

Automatic random selection of OSCE scenarios for the exams

GMC has over 350 OSCE scenarios in their question bank. In the past, examiners were manually selecting OSCE scenarios for the exam. This resulted in some OSCE stations being the favourites and frequently appearing in the exam. Professor Adrian Freeman recommended automatic computerised selection of OSCE scenarios from the full question bank. This is likely to make the PLAB 2 exam more difficult because it would be impossible to predict OSCE scenarios that will appear in the exam.

Full PLAB 2 Course

Course Dates 2022

January 07 - 17                              January 21 - 31

February 04 - 14                             February 18 - 28

March 04 - 14                                  March 18 - 28

April 01 - 11                                     April 15- 25

May 06- 16                                       May 20 - 30

Course Details

Course timing 10 am - 8 pm except for the first day.

The course starts at 5.00 pm on the first day.

You can pay by card, BACS or cash

Apply for course by completing online application

11 Days Course - £630 includes 3 full mock tests

Onsite Accommodation - Single Room - £30/night

Onsite Accommodaiton - Shared Room (3) - £15/night

Accommodation has separate male and female wings

Group of 3 discount of £100 per person

£250 discount for doctors who have previously attended a different PLAB 2 course

Mock Tests

We offer 3 mock tests

16 Stations GMC PLAB OSCE mock tests

Trained actors and trainers conduct mock tests

We do not allow recently passed PLAB candidates to assess mock tests

High quality mock tests similar to what you would expect in the real GMC exam

Two midpoint mock tests and one mock test on the last day of the course

Additional  mock tests can be booked for £40 per mock test. Use the discount code EXTRA at checkout

We also conduct two days of Brainstorming Mock Sessions to cover additional 50 stations.


Specifically designed for doctors reappearing in PLAB 2 exam but also suitable for those who have attended other academies.

  • For doctors who are re-appearing in PLAB 2

  • Two days online course

  • To understand reasons for failing in PLAB 2

  • To gain better understanding of what is expected in PLAB 2 exam

  • Learn about changes to PLAB 2 since 2019

  • Effects of "cloning" of OSCE scenarios and how to deal with them

  • Learn 25 strategies and become competent to solve any OSCE scenario

  • Be fully prepared to deal with new OSCE scenario

  • Get trained by consultants with PLAB 2 experience

  • Additional 1:1 consultation to review your previous exam result to understand the reasons for the low score

  • Focus of the course will be on communication skills

  • £250 for two days course. Until 31 December 2021 at discounted price of £100.

  • Next Course is on 26 and 27 December

25 Strategies

History CounsellingExaminations
History of a PCTaking ConsentSystemic Examination
Review HistoryProviding InformationJoint Examination
Specific HistoryAddressing ConcernsIntimate Examination
Follow-up HistoryLife style modificationSpecific Examinations
Telephone AssessmentBreaking Bad NewsEmergency Assessments
Accepting a referralOpen Disclosure
Discharge PlanningTelephone to seniorProcedures
Suicide Risk Assessment HandoverSterile Procedures
Medical Risk AssessmentSpeaking to colleague Non- Sterile Procedures
Other AssessmentsTeaching

Course Schedule

DayMorning Session
9.30 - 2pm
Afternoon Session
2.30 - 5.30
Evening Session
6.00 - 7.30
FridayNANARegistration and Introduction
SaturdayClinical examinationsIntroduction to history takingHistory taking
SundayClinical proceduresClinical examinationsHistory taking
MondayFirst Mock TestSIMMAN (High fidelity manikin)Reflection and consolidating
TuesdayClinical SpecialityEthicsCommunication skills in history Roleplay
WednesdayCommunication skills workshopCommunication skills workshopManagement of common clinical scenarios
ThursdaySecond Mock Test Challenging clinical situationsReflection and consolidating
FridaySupervised practice Supervised practice Counselling roleplays
SaturdayCounselling roleplays and feedback - Brainstorming mock sessionsCounselling roleplays and feedback - Brainstorming mock sessionsHistory roleplays and feedback - Brainstorming mock sessions
SundayHistory roleplays and feedback - Brainstorming mock sessionsHistory roleplays and feedback - Brainstorming mock sessions History roleplays and feedback - Brainstorming mock sessions
Monday Third Mock Test Reflection and consolidating



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Study Materials

Course manual

Guide you through the course

For last minute exam preparation

What do we offer?

20 Strategies

All 300 OSCE stations are divided in to 20 categories. Each category has its own approach and structure. With these strategies any OSCE station can be solved without prior knowledge including new stations


PLAB Right is the only course that has a team of experienced teachers with over 10 years of experience of teaching for PLAB Exam.


Course manual contains comprehensive up to date information about over 300 OSCE stations. The manual contains all new OSCE scenarios that have appeared in the exam since September 2016 (New format). We will send you a FREE manual when you register for the course.

Small Groups

Unlike other courses, we limit the number of students in the class to ensure interactive teaching and 1:1 supervision. We focus on individual needs of the students to help them improve their communication skills

Mock tests

We conduct mock tests with experienced English actors to simulate the actual exam. Full course includes 3 mock tests and Brainstorming Mock sessions

Financial Support

At PLAB Right, we offer pay later schemes for deserving cadidates. Candidates can send us an email explaining their circumstances and we will respond within 4 working days.

On Site Accommodation

PLAB Right is the only PLAB Training Centre that offers onsite accommodation. Save time and money in travel. Safe and secure. This creates an excellent atmosphere for group study. We are the only centre that is open 24 x 7. You can practise at any time at your convenience

OPEN 24 X 7

Our centre is open 24 hours a day and you can practise at any time. You can stay with us in our comfortable onsite accommodation to participate in group study. Best atmosphere for group study.

Option to repeat the course (without mock test) for FREE

Special Offers

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£100 Discount per person for group of 3

About Us

The best PLAB 2 training Centre

Established in 2005. We are a team of Consultants and GPs and have been training overseas doctors for PLAB exam for over 12 years. Unlike other training centre, we don’t ask PLAB candidates to teach. We believe that PLAB training lays foundation for future career and we aim to provide comprehensive teaching that gives doctors best chance to pass PLAB exam and also succeed in their career. We believe that the group study is essential for the success in PLAB exam. We are the only residential PLAB 2 course provider in UK. We have onsite accommodation and it is open 24 hours a day. It is a perfect place to practise with peers and excel in the exam We have onsite recruitment facility and all your needs will be met under one roof. We provide ongoing support to help you succeed in your career plan.

  • Experience

    Established in 2005 and we have over 15 years of experience in training for PLAB exam

  • senior TEAM

    Team of Consultants and GPs

  • Pass Rate

    Excellent Pass Rate

  • Standard

    We do not allow recently passed PLAB doctors to teach in the course

Our Team

With over 10 years of experience in teaching for PLAB Exam. Est 2005
Consultant Psychiatrist
Surya is one of the founding members of PLAB Right. He has over 14 years’ experience of training overseas doctors for PLAB Exam.
Professor and Consultant Neurologist
Suresh has excelled in his career in UK and has been kind to offer guidence to overseas doctors. He has been instrumental in the preparation of training modules, manual and course structure.
Consultant Pediatrician
Nagesh is founding member of PLAB Right. He is a consultant Pediatrician.
Senior Nurse and Education Department Lead
Kate has been part of our team from 2005. She now has more than 12 years’ experience in teaching doctors for PLAB exam. She is a Nurse by profession and she is a senior manager in NHS.
General Practitioner
Ajay is a GP and has been involved with PLAB Right for over 8 years. Being a GP he has breadth of knowledge and skills.
General Practitioner
Sharath is a GP and has been teaching for PLAB students for over 8 years. He works closely with Ajay to teach clinical skills. Clinical procedures. Both Ajay and Sharath has played a key role in maintaining high standard of the course and high success rate of our doctors.
General Practitioner
Mani is a GP and has been teaching for PLAB students for over 6 years. His special interest is in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Specialist Registrar
Umar is the new member of plab right team. He joined us two years ago. He is a senior registrar. He has gone through PLAB process and has good understanding of the exam. He is a lovely person and an accomplised teacher.


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